Dr. Ana Blake

Ana is the founder of The Anti-Fragile Female MD. She stumbled upon physician life coaching at the rock bottom of her career: burned out, depressed, and suicidal. Coaching helped Ana recover and find her love of medicine (and life) again, but it had an unintended consequence. This rural family doctor, mother, wife, outdoor enthusiast, and obstacle course racer quickly found herself compelled to do something she’d never done before: start a business as a life coach. Ana couldn’t sit back and know this incredible evidence-based intervention existed and not be part of the movement to make coaching accessible to every physician. Ana is fully aware that the existence of this business is a testament to how powerful coaching is. This formerly shy, quiet, reserved, and perfectionistic family doctor is now overcoming all her fears and self-doubt, readily making public appearances on social media, and coaching her heart out both 1:1 and in group settings. Ana’s true passion lies in doing everything she can to reduce the stigma around burnout, mental health disorders in physicians, and the number of physicians dying by suicide. She fights fiercely for female physicians to be able to love the lives they have worked hard for. Ana feels grateful for every woman who has reached out to her and shared her personal struggle, and believes that recovery is possible for everyone.

Dr. Milene Argo

Milene is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and is coming back for her second round of coaching with The Anti-Fragile Female MD. Her story? 19 years and 4 practices later, Milene found coaching. It changed everything.  She lost weight, stared down perfectionism and imposter syndrome.  As if that wasn’t enough, she changed her relationship with herself and those she loves most.  Her self-compassion grew exponentially.  She claims coaching is the secret sauce to an extraordinary life.  She is a physician who is passionate about helping physicians create the lives they deserve inside and outside the exam room. Milene loves to help her clients create fulfillment and happiness in all areas of their lives! She will help you re-discover your motivators so that you can decide what actions you want to take to achieve your goals! 

Dr. Jill Bailey

Jill is a Family Physician in Orangeville, Ontario, a small town 1 hour north of Toronto. She has been in practice for 13 years and currently works in hospital, group family practice, and she provides GP psychotherapy online. She has 4 lovely active boys and a very supportive stay-at-home husband. She loves biking, hiking, camping with her family and snuggling their 2-year-old Barbet, Molly. Jill discovered coaching in 2019 when she finally decided she couldn’t continue to live constantly feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and exhausted. Looking back, it was like a tape was playing on repeat in her mind saying: “You’re not good enough, you have too much work to do, you’ll never figure it out…” Being coached by caring female physicians has helped her regain her power. It has opened her eyes to the destructive thoughts she was believing by default. She has finally come to believe that she is worthy of the same compassion she was extending to everyone else, but refusing to give herself. Living intentionally is not easy or always fun, but now she has a richer perspective on her life, and she can truly savour the meaningful moments with patients and her family now. Her Christian faith is also important to her and she would be honoured to incorporate faith and spirituality in coaching with any client who requests it.

Dr. Becky Caldwell

Becky is an OB/Gyn hospitalist and certified Life Coach that helps busy female physicians create more balance and joy in their lives through the disciplined pursuit of doing less. She is a mom of two spunky red-headed girls, married to another physician, and is an avid runner and athlete. She loves to coach high-achieving women that “have it all” but just aren’t enjoying their lives as much as they feel like they should be. She focuses on physician Burnout, Self-confidence and Self-care, Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism, so she is right at home with our mission here! Becky can help you develop the mindset to truly enjoy the life you have sacrificed so much to create.

Dr. Michele Dorfsman

Michele is a full-time practicing Emergency Physician in academic emergency medicine. She is also the residency director of one of the largest and oldest EM programs in the country. She is a certified life and weight loss coach through The Life Coach School. Dr. Dorfsman has also been a professional coach for public speaking and portfolio development for promotion for over 15 years. She is happily married, and the mother of 3 children. She has a fluffy dog named Hugo that is the joy of her family. Dr. Dorfsman is passionate about coaching as it has improved her relationships, her work life, and her interactions with both her patients and her colleagues.

Dr. Payal Ghayal

Payal is an Integrative Pediatrician and Parent & Life Coach for moms. She helps Women Physicians who feel overwhelmed and exhausted to find balance and be intentional in their parenting journey through mindfulness and coaching. She loves to coach Doctor moms with young kids who are drowning in all the responsibilities and feeling overwhelmed. She helps them find a sense of balance and self-love through mindfulness and coaching. Payal specializes in parenting related struggles. That could span from personal parenting struggles to shared responsibilities with a co-parent. She has done a lot of work on creating a sustainable routine for kids, which includes sleep and boundaries. She also loves coaching moms on lack of self-care and self-love. This may range from exercise, and eating healthy, to reducing people pleasing and dependence on external validation.

Dr. Carol Mills

 Carol is a Family Physician in Orangeville, Ontario. She has been in practice for 11 years. She is a wife, a mom, a friend, and a Life Coach. She helps women physicians take back their sense of control over their lives. Carol likes to work with women physicians who are struggling to manage “it all”; feeling “pulled” in all directions; striving to find the “perfect balance” of work and home life and constantly feeling like there is just not enough time. After ten years of practicing family medicine, Life Coaching has helped her re-align her values and priorities with how she actually wants to live her life. She no longer feel like she is running a marathon day after day. She continues to love practicing medicine but also loves all the other parts of her life!  Life Coaching has transformed the way she thinks, shows up and lives her life and all for the better! Carol is privileged to offer Life Coaching to other physicians and see their lives transform! 

Dr. Wendy Schofer

Dr Schofer is a board-certified pediatrician and lifestyle medicine physician, who is clinically active in pediatric urgent care. After working in the military health system (from active to reserves to GS and contract), locums and private children’s hospital system, she has found a voice to speak up about her professional boundaries and value. Her mojo clinically is working with individuals and families in openhearted conversations that help them discover the power of daily lifestyle choices — and that translates well to coaching. She has a special place in her heart for coaching families living on the ADHD spectrum, as well as parents navigating all the conflicting messages about how to raise a healthy, vibrant family. As a recovering perfectionist and scatterbrain (yes, the two can co-exist), she has found the power of coaching to clarify the conflicting messages and break down limiting beliefs.

Dr. Nora Vasquez

Nora is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician with over 12 years of experience working at a major University clinic and outpatient community health care center. She understands how overwhelming it feels to meet the demands of clinical medicine while also trying to be the best partner/parent for your loved ones at home. Over time, the stress and daily grind takes a toll leaving many physicians disillusioned and exhausted. As a Physician Life Coach with Faith based values, Nora helps you create a resilient mindset to better manage the stress of practicing medicine while also balancing your family life. Her mission is to “Heal the Healers” and help her clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Physician coaching empowers you to create the clarity, peace and blueprint to thrive. As your coach, Nora will work with you every step of the way as you achieve a healthier mindset and manifest your core values as you accomplish your goals and feel joy again!