Welcome to Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap.

We are thrilled that you are here! This site is where we’ve got you covered for everything you need! Please note: IF you are joining the NEW Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap, you will have your very own BRAND NEW Course Portal coming soon!!

This is where you will find your coaching call calendar, the online course, all of the associated worksheets, and some excellent external resources to deepen your learning. Don’t fret if you find yourself unable to “keep up” each week. Focus on where you most want to see changes, and remember: this course is yours for life. 

We will post the recordings of our coaching calls in our private online portal and our new private podcast so you can re-watch or re-listen whenever you want! (A worthwhile exercise I might add, as we often will gain new insight every time we listen to a coaching call).  

Start with the Get Started section and, if you are new to coaching especially, watch The Self-Coaching Model before we meet for our first session.

See you soon!