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female doctors! 

are you Sick of stressing about what awaits you at work on monday am? it’s time to……

End The Pre-Clinic Dread by joining our 3 Day Challenge!

Feel relaxed on your way to work. Know you can handle ANY patient interaction. Get home on time! 

female doctors!

This FREE Challenge is for you if:

  1. You feel a sense of dread, anxiety, or fear on your way into the work.
  2. You brace yourself for the worst when you see THAT patient’s name on your list (you know who I’m talking about).
  3. You wonder what nightmare awaits you when you open your inbox, answer your pager, check your messages…
  4. You want to learn how to set clear expectations, establish boundaries, and stop people pleasing your patients, colleagues, and staff.
  5. You want to learn how to get home from work ON TIME!

WHEN: Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 2021

TIME: live at 8:00PM EST
WHERE: Exclusive Facebook Group 


I’ve been helping female doctors find more joy and calm in their clinical day.


Hear what they have to say:

Feel relaxed on your way to work. Know you can handle any patient interaction. Get home on time!


Here is what you get with the 3 Day End Your Pre-Clinic Dread LIVE Challenge:
  1. Three-Day LIVE Online Training (Value: $297 CAD)
  2. End Your Pre-Clinic Dread Workbook (Value: $29 CAD)
  3. Access to our Private Facebook Group featuring support from Ana (Value: $149 CAD)
  4. A strategy for managing your daily practice challenges (PRICELESS)

Just show up, bring a pen, and leave with a strategy to manage your day-to-day practice.

Here’s what we’ll cover during this three day live challenge:

A proven process you can use to get your office running like a tight ship and stop wasting time doing things that are below your pay grade and expertise!  

How to neutralize your interactions with your heart sink patients by relinquishing control of what was never in your control anyway and focusing on what IS within your control.  

How to reduce your daily fear, obligation, guilt and dread by establishing boundaries and stopping people pleasing your patients, staff and colleagues. 

I know what it’s like

I’m Dr. Ana Blake….a rural family physician and a physician life coach. I am also an obstacle course racer, a mom, a wife, a sister….AND a survivor of burnout, a reformed perfectionist, and I have learned how to create a life I love.

I have suffered through burnout, having unattainable standards for myself, fear of failure, and dependency on external validation….and yes, my office ran late, I was never home on time, and I was always chasing my tail trying to get it all done. I am lucky to have found an evidence based intervention – physician life coaching – which changed my world completely and left me compelled to learn how to do the same for my sisters in medicine. I have helped many of my clients through these very same experiences. I want you to know it is possible for you, too. 

I custom designed this challenge to bring you some useful and practical coaching pearls that you can use today to reduce your pre-clinic dread, and to foster a community where you can interact and grow with other women in medicine who are on this same path to loving the lives we’ve worked hard for.

You’ve got questions? We’ve Got Answers!

1. Why are you doing this for free?

I’ve seen first hand how transformational the power of coaching can be for female physicians. While we offer paid coaching and courses and could easily charge for the results you’ll receive if you sign up, I’m offering this experience for FREE to help as many female doctors as I can. It is my way of giving back to the women who give so much to our communities. 

2. What technology do I need?

All of the training takes place on our Private Facebook Group, so as long as you have access to a device that can view Facebook Live calls, you can attend the sessions. Because I know some of you are TOTALLY Facebook averse….I will give you a Zoom link as well. But I recommend you join the group for the support of others! The supplementary materials will be in PDF form, so they are readable on any device. Otherwise, just show up with your favorite note-taking device or catch it on the replay!

3. What do I get when I sign up?

You get everything you need to reduce your pre-clinic day dread in a BIG way. That includes limited time access to 3 days of LIVE trainings, the replays, the workbook, and the supplementary materials.

 4. When do I get all of the STUFF?

As soon as you sign up and answer the membership questions so your identity as a female physician can be validated, you’ll receive immediate access to the Private Facebook Group. Access to all of the materials, including the training and workbook, will be available on the FIRST day of LIVE training, September 27th, 2021.

5. When are the LIVE trainings?

The three-day live challenge will be held between September 27-29th, 2021. I’ll be LIVE in the Private Facebook Group at 8 pm EST each day with a 60-minute training session. There will be a bonus cocktail hour on Friday, October 1st at 8 pm ET where I will announce the challenge winners. 

6. What if I can’t make any of the LIVE sessions?

No problem. You will have limited time access to the replays for the entire week of September 27, 2021. The replays will be removed when the challenge is over.

7. Where can I learn more about how get coaching with Ana?

Click the drop down menu “Work With Me” for information on my signature Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap Mastermind. 


Feel relaxed on your way to work. Know you can handle any patient interaction. Get home on time.