Stop People Pleasing Copy

Stop People Pleasing Workshop Zoom Recording

Passcode: #J.%817w

Welcome to the Stop People Pleasing workshop. Along with the attached worksheet, you
will attend a live coaching workshop where we will dig into the questions in this
workbook together!

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Understand several key coaching concepts including:
    • People pleasing
    • The Manual
    • Unconditional Love
    • Emotional Childhood vs Emotional Adulthood
    • Boundaries
    • Understand why people pleasing is detrimental to your mental wellbeing
    • Understand the root cause of people pleasing
    • Tell the difference between people pleasing and giving/loving
    • Define how people pleasing affects the six key relationships for female MDs
    • Learn how to overcome your tendency to people please

People pleasing is characterized by the inability to say no, avoidance of conflict,
acceptance of poor treatment by ourselves and others, and feeling unsatisfied by
our personal interactions and relationships. It is typically fueled by feeling guilty if
we say NO to something, and feeling resentment when we say YES. Sound

Resources for this module: