the all encompassing program you need to:

stop seeking perfection.

Find real balance.

love the life you’ve worked hard for. 

Do you ever wish you could do what you love – helping patients – and stop worrying about….

Measuring up to your peers and knowing “enough”?

Increasing pressure from new EMRs, facing backlash for being YOU, overcoming gender biases and pay inequity, and completing those ever-growing piles of paperwork?

Balancing life as a physician AND a mom/wife/daughter/sister/friend (insert any of the important roles you play)?

Doing enough to keep everyone happy?

Hey sister-doc,

I see you.

You went into medicine with high hopes and dreams. You’ve worked hard.

In case you haven’t heard this lately: you deserve to reap the benefits, recognize your accomplishments, and feel capable, self-confident and appreciated.

You are supremely good at what you do. It’s obvious to your patients, your colleagues, your family and your friends – but you’ve drifted away from seeing it in yourself. 

The daily grind of the new pandemic protocols, scared patients plagued by mental health crises, figuring out what to do with your kids when they are home sick, and worrying about missing something in that telephone consult is wearing you down.

You’ve felt close to your breaking point more than once in 2020.

Maybe you’ve even thought….this might be burnout.

What is wrong with me? I’ve never felt this bad before.

Medicine is consuming my life. 

Maybe I should just quit.

You don’t need to leave medicine to feel good again.

I know what it’s like

I’m Dr. Ana Blake….a rural family physician and a physician life coach. I am also an obstacle course racer, a mom, a wife, a sister….AND a survivor of burnout, a reformed perfectionist, and I have learned how to create a life I love.

In 2019, an acute episode of burnout led me to a mental health crisis that nearly cost me my life. Life coaching took me from this shell of my former self to a thriving female MD. I couldn’t keep all this to myself, so I  started coaching. And as I saw this work change more and more lives, I decided to combine all of these strategies and tools to create a program just for you: Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap.

I custom designed this online course and combined it with the secret sauce, coaching, to bring you a community where you will interact and grow with other women in medicine, who like you, are ready to make a change.

Here is What You Get When You Join


  • Bring whatever you are struggling with that week and see instant change!
  • Learn you are not alone by connecting deeply with your colleagues
  • Get private password-protected access to all sessions in case you miss one!


  • Take a 45 minute deep dive into your individual challenges with a member of our outstanding team


  • Our fearless leader, Ana, is newly certified in Bev Aron’s Advanced Deep Dive Coaching Style. Ana will be bringing two bonus calls per month featuring this powerful style of coaching.


  • Each session is 60-90 minutes in length and are specially designed for each group – we seek your feedback on the topic and create a custom worksheet to complete live in the session
  • Each session is added to our workshop library after completion (so you also get BONUS access to workshops from the groups before yours!)


  • A secret group for YOUR COHORT only! 
  • A supportive place for additional resources, on-the-fly coaching, sharing your successes, and supporting your fellow women in medicine


  • Why you are burned out

  • How create a layer of protection against burnout for the rest of your career

  • How to understand your human brain and the complex milieu of emotions you experience daily

  • How to manage and overcome the classic Female MD Mind Traps: self-doubt, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, fear of failure, shame, anxiety and overwhelm

  • How to stop feeling compelled to work day and night and every weekend in an attempt to “do it all”

  • How to overcome time scarcity and use your time to the fullest to accomplish the things that truly matter to you

  • How to establish boundaries where you desperately need them at home, at work, or elsewhere

  • How to develop the money mindset you want to achieve your dreams and stop feeling like you are just working to pay the bills 

  • How to become a woman who lives her life with purpose, intention, and vision

  • How to develop the self-confidence, self-respect, self-trust, and self-compassion you long for 

  • And….how to connect to your future self who has dreams you are scared to even say out loud….and make them happen!

Get the results you dream of!

Here’s What Others Are Saying:

“Mega Mindset shift today: I did a TON of hard shit yesterday. I finished a 55+ page masters paper. On top of that, I contributed to a group presentation for my current semester in the masters, and then helped organize and lead a board meeting and board retreat. Even though I thought I submitted what was B-minus work for all these 4 things in one single day (yesterday), now that I look back on it today, I ACED THE SHIT OUTTA THAT STUFF. Was it hard? Nope!!! But my brain kept trying to tell me it was. I just did the work and got it done and stopped being so worried about it being perfect. The moment I stopped thinking of this as impossible, or insane, or hard….the magic happened.

Dr. Marsha K, Family Physician

“My result from coaching is I am a new woman! I know how to set boundaries (I still need help and reminders but it happens!) and how to overcome overwhelm! Even my handwriting has changed (as I notice as I write my Xmas cards now)….it used to be frantic and messy but now it’s deliberate bc I’m not always feeling rushed and doom !! I work within my model and what other people do is just a circumstance. I choose how to react and think and feel in response. That is SO liberating!!”

Dr. Melissa S, Anesthesia

Oh my gosh, today I was feeling flustered and overwhelmed and I noticed myself saying “my day is so stressful!” And then I paused for a moment and was like “wait, days aren’t stressful, my thoughts about it are. I have a series of things that need to be completed one item at a time” and focused on the task at hand and so forth. Without going down my usual overwhelm spiral. Usually it takes me a lot of work to get to get to that point, but today I paused for maybe 15 seconds as this played out in my head and I went on quite calm the rest of the day! OMG it feels like magic! Yay for progress!!!

Dr. Ellie S, Family Physician

feel better every day in your professional and personal life!

Start overcoming obstacles in your mind, like impostor syndrome and fear of failure,  that you never thought you’d be able to get past.

Replace the guilt, people pleasing, perfectionism, and shame with a healthy dose of self-compassion and love. 

Identify your priorities and your pillars of self-care and establish boundaries so that you follow through on what you commit to.

When you take part in this program You go from:


  • Needing to be perfect all the time
  • Living the “rat race” running non-stop from work to appointments to kid’s school and extracurriculars to CME events
  • Feeling like a victim of your clinical day
  • Drowning in overwhelm and anxiety about if you will ever get it all done


  • Getting home on time with your work complete
  • Being present with your family and loved ones
  • No longer feeling burned out, overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, anxious, or helpless about your career
  • Having healthy tools for dealing with the tough days that come up and truly feeling proud of your ability to learn from every challenge

Deep down you know there must be another way.

You are smart. Capable. You have figured so much out. You have survived so much challenge. You know it is possible to love the life you’ve worked hard for. Even if some days it feels impossible.

I have figured out why it feels so hard. 

It is NOT because there is something wrong with you. It is because you have a human brain that has been programmed by medicine’s hidden curriculum of shame, delayed gratification, detachment and perfectionism. Programming that makes it SO much harder than it needs to be. Programming filled with unspoken rules.

Programming to:

  • Conform, thought-swap, and group-think with colleagues
  • Isolate and hide when we are struggling
  • Overwork because everyone else is doing it
  • Fear failure and cling to perfectionism
  • Feel like we’ll never be good enough

Of course you feel burned out.

It was built into your medical education.


yes, it is really possible to…

  • Stop going to work feeling fear, dread, anxiety, overwhelm and obligation
  • Never think again about uprooting your whole family so you can find the “perfect job” somewhere you will be appreciated
  • Stop working every night and weekend so that you can be home when you say you will be
  • Learn to delegate tasks so that you have more time to do the things you love

How do I know this? 

These are all results that my clients have created with coaching!

they did it by following THIS simple process.

A process that is reproducible, evidence-based, and applicable to a wide variety of challenges.

A process that will give you a skill set that you can use for life.

Learn which of the female MD mind traps are setting you up for failure.

Learn how to allow yourself to feel, normalize and process your real human emotions.

Learn  how to re-write your mental script to start focusing on the things you want to create in your life.

this program always sells out.

join for a limited time for $5000 USD and get…

  1. Six 45-Minute One to One Coaching Sessions with a member of our dynamic coaching team (Value: $3,000)
  2. Two 60-Minute Small-Group Coaching Sessions EVERY Week to explore the weekly topic, bring your struggles, and learn from your peers – don’t worry if you cannot attend, these are always recorded and password protected access is given to all members in case you are unable to attend (Value: $6,000)
  3. Two 90-Minute Deep Dive Group Coaching Sessions per Month with Ana to find the deeper thought errors that are blocking your ability to make the changes you desire or believe new things (Value: $1200)
  4. Access to Twelve Online Learning Modules designed around Ana’s most commonly coached topics requested by female physicians – a.k.a. the Female MD Mind Traps (Value: $1,500)
  5. Lifetime Access to These Learning Materials which will always be updated as we create new content! (Value: $1500)
  6. 24/7 Access to our Private Facebook Group featuring daily support from Ana and our team, on-the-fly coaching and a place to celebrate your successes (Value: $149/month)
  7. BONUS: Six Bi-Weekly Workshop Webinars taking a deep dive into the material as we work through a worksheet and customized based on the needs of each group (Value: $3,000)
  8. Exclusive Access to the Alumni Coaching Group which includes the best price for ongoing physician coaching available anywhere in North America.
  9. Non-certified CME Credits and the opportunity to use CME funding (if applicable) or to claim as a corporate physician expense on your taxes.

TOTAL: $16,647 usd

Total investment: $5,000 usd

don’t believe it is possible? still unsure if this is for you?

Listen to what our clients say:

“I usually struggle to stay on time and keep up with my labs, but I was able to keep my appointments on time, catch up on all my paperwork and leave work in time to pick up my son. Today when I left work, all my EMR inboxes were empty! Such a great feeling to be able to manage these things efficiently!

Dr. Amanda M, Family Physician

“Sharing a big win from today: I cleaned out my hospital EMR inbox and completed all my outstanding hospital charting! Still have a few things on my paperwork/catch up to do list, but today I managed to cross off big items off my to do list AND I even picked up my 3 yo from her new preschool program! It’s amazing what one can do when your brain is not spinning in overwhelm and when you cut out buffering!

Dr. Kristina A, Ob-Gyn

“Coaching has definitely changed my mindset and allowed me to create better boundaries with work and to be more present, more accepting, and improve my relationships. I think Coaching is something every physician would benefit from.”

Dr. Carol M, Family Physician

this program is for you If you are struggling with….

  • Having your own back and being able to believe that you can make a valuable contribution in the world just as you are
  • Finding the strength and ability push through the tough days while feeling all the heavy emotions and discomfort
  • Over-compensating by taking more history, obsessively looking things up so you can avoid ever making a mistake, getting stuck in indecision when faced with uncertainty, second guessing yourself when you get home at night, and constantly apologizing for running behind
  • Feeling like you are too “X” (too bitchy, too quiet, too stubborn, too hard on yourself…)
  • Having your own back and being able to believe that you can make a valuable contribution in the world just as you are

Can you envision a life where:

You can truly say you have the best relationship you’ve ever had with yourself

You feel like you have time to do the things you love

You no longer feel overwhelmed with patient expectations, scheduling, paperwork and who is coming in

You are more optimistic, less critical of yourself, and you don’t feel like everything about yourself and your practice has to be perfect

You delegate tasks that don’t require your expertise and skill to support people who you trust to deliver

You’ve got questions? We’ve Got Answers!

1. Do I have to do all of my one-to-one coaching sessions with the same coach?

Absolutely not! We have a team of expert coaches who have diverse experience and all of them are eager to meet you! On your strategy call, Ana can help you decide which coach(es) are the best fit for your needs. 

2. What if I can’t make it to all of the group coaching calls?

We know you likely won’t be able to make it to every call. This is a program for female MDs after all – we know that call commitments, evening clinics, ORs, and child care get in the way from time to time. This is why we record all calls and post them password-protected for you to watch whenever works for you. For best results, we recommend you aim to attend one coaching call live per week prepared to be coached.

3. Working the program into my already busy schedule feels daunting. What if I fall behind?

We promise you there is no behind. The online course is yours for lifetime access as long as the program exists. We suggest you identify the key areas you most want to work on over the 12 weeks of the program, commit to working on those areas fully, and remember that this is a lifelong journey will with tools you can come back to again and again. 

4. How will I “make back my investment” in this program?

You should view this program as an investment in you that will pay dividends for life. The best way to make the most out of your investment is to commit to working toward the results you want to create daily. You cannot put a price on your happiness and being able to be present in your life. What is it worth for you to wake up in the morning knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way? What is it worth to always have your own back? What is it worth to feel like the things that matter most to you are in balance? Our program participants would say priceless.

5. Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

We believe so fully in this program that we offer a money back guarantee. Show up to all the coaching sessions in the first 30 days, and demonstrate you have done the work, and if you haven’t achieved progress toward the results you are seeking, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. 

6. Can I use CME funding or get CME credits for my participation in this program?

Yes! For those who are eligible for non-certified CME credits (ex. CFPC), completion of this program is worth 61.5 credits. We will provide you with a certificate if requested. This program is a professional expense for Canadian physicians and may be eligible for CME funding for physicians in the USA. For more details, email ana@antifragilefmd.com.

overcoming the female md mind trap is so powerful that clients come back for second and third rounds.

check out what they have to say:

This is my second go round with Ana. I am here because I know my work is not complete! I enjoy Ana’s coaching so much and had no desire for it to end! It was a no brainer to sign up again. It felt very natural! Coaching is my passion and I am following it.”

Dr. Nicole S., Sports Medicine

“I realized with the first round that I had just scratched the surface of what coaching can do for me. I am passionate about how life coaching can help me with all of this, and it has helped me come so far from last spring. It’s coming up to the one-year anniversary of when I hit what I previously called my “rock bottom”. I was always looking for the next best thing to soothe my emotions. But now I’ve processed most of this, and worked through a lot of the traumas I have been through, and I am ready to tackle my goal of financial freedom.

Dr. Marsha K., Family Physician

“I decided to come back for a second round of coaching because I felt it was important to solidify what I had learned from the Anti Fragile Female MD self coaching program. I felt like I had won the life lottery when my daily life turned around after learning the self coaching concepts from Ana! The change is still gradual and I wanted to delve deeper to ensure those skills stayed with me for life.”

Dr. Melissa S, Anesthesia

Enrolment is currently closed. Click here to join the waitlist.

the next session begins june 8, 2021.

love the life you’ve worked hard for

This program always sells out FAST.

Why is it so popular?


  • This level of immersion and deep diving is like no other.
  • The workshops are custom designed to meet your needs!
  • This group is intimate: you know the coaches and we know you.
  • You’ll know all of your peers and they will become your support system.
  • We get you results…and we make sure you feel safe doing it.

We believe in you and your success!

We cannot wait to see you thrive in any circumstance!

This program fills on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up to be the first to be notified of our next session!