Are you ready to stop feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and exhausted from expecting the impossible of yourself?

Welcome to…..

THE mastermind you need to:

Stop under-earning, over-working, and never getting it all done.

confidently handle any clinical case or patient interaction.

enjoy the career you’ve worked hard for.

Do you ever wish you could stop worrying about….

Knowing as much as your colleagues?

Unexpected events like EMR outages, negative feedback from your colleagues, upset patients, and new performance metrics 

If you’ll be able to through your huge backlog of paperwork and billing?

Hey sister-doc,

I want you to know that I see your struggle.

I’ve been there, too.

You went into medicine with high hopes and dreams.

You deserve to reap the benefits of your hard work.

To feel capable, confident and appreciated.

People say how good you are at what you do – but you can’t see it in yourself.

You’ve been worn down by the daily grind of patients in crisis, pandemic protocols, school closures, and telephone consults.

You’ve felt close to your breaking point more than once lately.

You keep thinking…

I’m so burned out.

Medicine is taking over my life.

It’s never been this bad before.

I feel stuck.

You just want it to END.

Here’s the good news: there is a way for this to end. 

I will teach you the way out of this exhausting struggle in the Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap Mastermind.

You will learn:

  • How to process your negative emotions so they stop ruining your day.
  • How repair the damage from perfectionism and self-criticism so you can celebrate your skill and accomplishment.
  • How to prioritize your tasks, delegate what isn’t in your zone of genius, and focus on what matters most, so you can find fulfillment in your work.

The result?

You’ll feel confident at work, handle every patient interaction with ease, get your billing and charting done in working hours, make more money in less time, and be able to rest without that uncomfortable urge to ‘get some work done’.

A life without burnout.

You don’t need to leave medicine to feel good again.

I know what it’s like

I’m Dr. Ana Blake, a rural family physician and life coach specializing in physician burnout. I’m also an obstacle course racer, outdoor enthusiast, and mom to two young girls. I overcame burnout, perfectionism, and impostor syndrome to create a career I love.

My experience with burnout began in 2019 after I returned to work after my first maternity leave. Coaching helped me stop working nights and weekends, stop putting pressure on myself to do it all, and start enjoying patient care again. This motivated me to join the effort to end the burnout culture in medicine.

I created my Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap Mastermind to provide you with all the tools you need to recover from burnout for the last time. They are yours for life. This might seem overwhelming, but you only need to decide one thing right now: to apply when enrolment opens.

You’ll figure out the rest inside once you are armed with the tools, constraint, clarity and confidence to start changing everything keeping you from loving the life you’ve worked hard for.





    LIVE 2 DAY EVENT: The Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap 2-day live event marks the start of the Mastermind. We spend two days going over the foundation you need to begin your recovery from burnout, coaching on your personal goals, and getting you mentally ready for six months of immersive application. (Value $2500)

      WEEKLY GROUP COACHING FOR SIX MONTHS: You leave the live event with a personalized plan for the next six months and the tools to implement it, but your results (and the challenges you will need to overcome) start right away. That is what these calls are for. To celebrate your successes, keep you on track, coach you through the challenges, and to mix in some core teachings and workshops that will support your growth.  (Value $12,000)

        FACEBOOK COMMUNITY TO GET COACHING AND MENTORING: Between calls, there is always a need for coaching. This is where you will get coaching from me and share your progress. As you learn how to coach yourself and become familiar with the core concepts, you will be able to support your peers in applying the tools we learn. I select a small group of students each round to ensure that everyone is committed to the success of the mastermind as a whole and willing to participate fully in this space. My goal is to ensure this space functions as a place where EVERYONE creates the habits and beliefs that allow them to leave burnout behind for the last time. (Value $1500)

          ACCESS TO ALL OF MY PAST WORKSHOPS AND TEACHING: I will be filming new training videos at our live event, and these will be added to my large video library of past trainings and workshops. Each call is recorded and added to our coaching call portal. As well, you will have a private podcast to listen to the course and call replays. (Value $3000)

            PERSONAL COACHING AND MENTORSHIP: Have a specific question that you think might only apply to you? Hitting a road-block in applying some of the material? Have an unexpected life event come up? Burnout recovery and prevention is not a one-size fits all. I have built in some 1:1 coaching time to help you navigate your personal challenges and share anything you feel uncomfortable sharing in a group space. This mentorship is guided by you, the goals you set for yourself at the live event, and will be used to check-in mid-way through the program. (Value $15,000)

              TOTAL VALUE $34,000

              YOUR INVESTMENT = $10,000


              Get the next enrolment dates, mark your calendar for our live event, and get all the information you need to apply for the mastermind.

              Deep down you know there is another way.

              You just can’t seem to figure it out. Maybe other people know something you don’t.

              But that’s not the problem. There’s nothing wrong with you. You aren’t missing anything.

              You were taught to burnout by medicine and the dominant culture.

              You’ve been programmed by a hidden curriculum for women physicians.

              A curriculum that teaches you to delay gratification, suppress your emotions, feel ashamed for not knowing something, and expect yourself to be perfect.

              A curriculum filled with unspoken rules like:

              • If there’s a problem, you suck it up and vent to your colleagues.
              • If you are struggling, you’d better not let anyone else see it.
              • Just work nights and weekends because that’s how everyone does it.
              • Avoid failure and cling to perfectionism at all costs.
              • Your best will never be good enough.

              A.K.A. the burnout culture.

              It’s no wonder you are burned out. 

              It was built into your medical education.

              ready to learn how to recover from burnout for good?

              Overcome mind traps like impostor syndrome, perfectionism, self-doubt and fear of failure.

              Exchange shame, obligation, anxiety and overwhelm for self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-respect. 

              Get clear on your values, priorities, and boundaries so you can focus your time on doing what you love.

              in this program You will go from


              • Feeling like you have to spend extra time making sure every patient leaves your office satisfied.
              • Frantically rushing from your office to pick your kids up then staying up late after they go to bed trying to get all your paperwork done.
              • Feeling dread on Sunday night when you think of what awaits you Monday.
              • Worrying about how you will get through your backlog of tasks.

              …TO THIS

              • Getting home on time with your work finished.
              • Being present with your family and loved ones.
              • No longer feeling burned out, overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, or like you need a way out. 
              • Having tools for dealing with the tough days and feeling confident you will learn from every challenge.

              Here’s what happens when you sign up

              “Mega Mindset shift today: I did a TON of hard shit yesterday. I finished a 55+ page masters paper. On top of that, I contributed to a group presentation for my current semester in the masters, and then helped organize and lead a board meeting and board retreat. Even though I thought I submitted what was B-minus work for all these 4 things in one single day (yesterday), now that I look back on it today, I ACED THE SHIT OUTTA THAT STUFF. Was it hard? Nope!!! But my brain kept trying to tell me it was. I just did the work and got it done and stopped being so worried about it being perfect. The moment I stopped thinking of this as impossible, or insane, or hard….the magic happened.

              Dr. Marsha K, Family Physician

              “My result from coaching is I am a new woman! I know how to set boundaries (I still need help and reminders but it happens!) and how to overcome overwhelm! Even my handwriting has changed (as I notice as I write my Xmas cards now)….it used to be frantic and messy but now it’s deliberate bc I’m not always feeling rushed and doom !! I work within my model and what other people do is just a circumstance. I choose how to react and think and feel in response. That is SO liberating!!”

              Dr. Melissa S, Anesthesia

              Oh my gosh, today I was feeling flustered and overwhelmed and I noticed myself saying “my day is so stressful!” And then I paused for a moment and was like “wait, days aren’t stressful, my thoughts about it are. I have a series of things that need to be completed one item at a time” and focused on the task at hand and so forth. Without going down my usual overwhelm spiral. Usually it takes me a lot of work to get to get to that point, but today I paused for maybe 15 seconds as this played out in my head and I went on quite calm the rest of the day! OMG it feels like magic! Yay for progress!!!

              Dr. Ellie S, Family Physician

              “When I felt overwhelmed today, instead of spiralling, I recognized the need for self-care, put aside my to-do list, and went for a nature walk with my hubby instead (would never have done that in the past). This morning when my kids wouldn’t get ready, I kept my cool and didn’t yell. When my daughter asked me to play with her yesterday, I was able to say yes enthusiastically and didn’t even feel the urge to be on my phone. In the clinic last week, I finished my charts after every single patient!

              Dr. Kate M, Ob-Gyn

              “Yesterday was my first day back after vacation. My schedule was packed with 31 patients to see from 8am to 3:30, induction of labor, rounding, catch up on calls, etc. After that coaching session on Sunday night, I was able to improve my mindset – I saw everyone without feeling rushed, rounded, ATE LUNCH!, and finished all paperwork by 5:30pm. A great Monday…(did I say that??)

              Dr. Leslie M, Ob-Gyn

              “My results from this coaching program? At work, I am running more on time, and not too bothered when I am late because I still get home on time most of the time. I am managing the visit, actually getting patients to rebook for the rest of the list, trusting myself, not overthinking and second guessing. I don’t feel like the dumbest doctor anymore. All this leaves my head clearer. I finish my notes/bills/referrals after each visit. On a personal note, I no longer make a complaint from husband mean I am a horrible wife/mom. He has noticed a huge change and is very impressed (not that I need his approval!). I am more present when I’m with my kids. The distress I was feeling over family COVID issues has almost gone. I’m imagining big goals that I wouldn’t have even entertained before.

              Dr. Jacqueline J, Family Physician

              I expected to learn some pearls, but even better – I encountered life-altering, mind-blowing revelations on how I was standing in the way of my own success and happiness.  Thanks to this program, I’ve had a transformation into a doctor who loves to be at work, a mom who is happy to spend time with her children, and a wife who has found joy with her husband again.

              Dr. MaRIA A, Family Physician

              here’s what you will learn inside:

              Learn which of the female MD mind traps are setting you up for failure.

              Allow yourself to feel and process your painful emotions.

              Use self-compassion to heal the damage from perfectionism and self-criticism.

              Change your narrative about work from stressful and overwhelming to manageable and fulfilling.

              Get your work done faster and delegate the non-essential so you have time to take care of you.

              common reservations you may have about coaching…

              There are a lot of people telling you that a broken system is the problem. If you think something outside of your control needs to change for you to feel better, you might be skeptical about how a life coach can help you.

              The problem with this is that it keeps you in victimhood. You continue feeling powerless and cynical, while the reality is that change was possible all along. In fact, you become the best advocate for systems change when you have healed from vicarious trauma, and you know you are going to take care of yourself regardless of the outcome. 

              Another reason you might have reservations it that $10K might seem like a big investment. It is. Don’t make it if you can’t see the value of the investment. This decision requires you to commit to using these tools to change your life. Feeling desperate to “get your money’s worth” will prevent you from seeing how one single session could create $10K of value in your life.

              For the right person, this investment will pay you back for the rest of your career. You can think about it like this: if your hourly rate is $200/hr, all you’d have to do is work one less hour per week to pay yourself back in less than a year. Imagine if you multiplied that by a 30 year career? Some of my clients save one hour per day!

              Never mind the value of feeling fulfilled by your work again. Of distraction-free time with your children. Of no longer under-billing because you forgot what you did in the visit. Once you apply these tools, you can do this for LIFE. It is invaluable.

              I recommend you only apply if you are committed to making this happen for yourself. 

              I know you will get everything you need to recover from burnout in our two-day live event, Then you get six months to apply it! 

              I’m so certain about this that I offer you a money back guarantee.

              you might be wary of signing up, for fear you might have to give something up to participate

              But consider what you are already giving up…

              • Your physical and mental well-being.
              • Precious time with your family.
              • Relaxation, self-care and sleep.

              Then think of what you will gain when you become the physician who completes your work and makes it home for supper. The physician who makes more money by working fewer hours without compromising quality of care.

              My clients are all examples that this is possible.

              Here are their words:

              “I usually struggle to stay on time and keep up with my labs, but I was able to keep my appointments on time, catch up on all my paperwork and leave work in time to pick up my son. Today when I left work, all my EMR inboxes were empty! Such a great feeling to be able to manage these things efficiently!

              Dr. Amanda M, Family Physician

              “Sharing a big win from today: I cleaned out my hospital EMR inbox and completed all my outstanding hospital charting! Still have a few things on my paperwork/catch up to do list, but today I managed to cross off big items off my to do list AND I even picked up my 3 yo from her new preschool program! It’s amazing what one can do when your brain is not spinning in overwhelm and when you cut out buffering!

              Dr. Kristina A, Ob-Gyn

              “Coaching has definitely changed my mindset and allowed me to create better boundaries with work and to be more present, more accepting, and improve my relationships. I think Coaching is something every physician would benefit from.”

              Dr. Carol M, Family Physician

              “Signing up for Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was deeply burned out, disillusioned with medicine, and feeling totally stuck in a career that I had invested so much of myself into. I needed help to find a way forward. The powerful combination of coaching and the structured content in the Mind Trap program allowed me to dig deep into many areas related to my burnout, particularly internal factors like my relentless perfectionism and harsh self-criticism.

              Dr. Clare H, pediatric endocrinologist

              “Ana’s program has been a life altering experience. Before the program I was struggling with mental and physical exhaustion, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. I am not a person who finds it easy to ask for help. The coaching model gave me skills to tackle some of the biggest limiting beliefs that were keeping me in a state of burn out. It is a program that teaches you lifelong skills to manage the challenges that face female physicians. It has given me hope and has been incredibly empowering. I am immensely grateful for this experience. I think every physician could benefit from coaching. I am mid-career but wish I had learned this skill set so much earlier!


              “I am no longer dreading going to work, and am finding the ‘wins’ in my day. The biggest thing for me has been my approach to being on call. I am on call right now as I write this. Normally I would be angry and agitated as I waited for my pager to go off for some unreasonable request. I wouldn’t sleep the night before or when I was on call. Now I chose to approach each page with curiosity, and have stopped worrying about what is going to happen. I am actually getting some sleep on call!

              Dr. Cindy C, medical oncologist

              “Last weekend I worked three 12-hour day shifts in my ER and it was by all accounts a total garbage fire with MVAs and code blues and code strokes at every turn. I am the only physician on during those shifts and prior to starting coaching I would have been so overwhelmed resulting in irritability and crying on the drive home (and if I’m being honest on the way back the next morning). I took a breath, I organized and I did my absolute best. I left my shift knowing I was the best doctor I could have been and was proud of my work. The nursing staff who have been on my burn out journey with me actually said ‘your coaching is definitely working, you’ve handled this awful weekend like a boss’. This wonderful team of coaches have taught me so much already.

              Dr. Paula S, family physician

              “Today is a trainwreck at work. I’m basically double-booked having fit in an extra dozen or more people. I’m covering for 3 colleagues currently on vacation and dealing with several “stat” imaging/lab results. But I’m not feeling anxious and I’m not feeling frustrated. I’ve been firm with several patients about various boundaries, and even refused to see one who showed up over an hour late for her appointment. My growing task list is neutral to me, and I turned off my email notification, because I’ve accepted that I’m not going to get to them today, and that’s fine. Previously I would have been thinking ‘this day is going to be horrible, I can’t handle this, why do I always let things get out of control, my patients are asking for too much, etc…’
              But instead, my main thought it ‘I got this, bring it!’

              Dr. Nicole S, family physician

              this program is for you If you are struggling with….

              • Having your own back and believing you make a valuable contribution in the world.
              • Finding the strength to push through tough days while feeling all the heavy emotions. 
              • Over-compensating for self-doubt by taking more history, obsessively looking things up so you can avoid making a mistake, getting stuck in indecision when faced with uncertainty, second guessing yourself when you get home at night, and constantly apologizing for running behind.
              • Feeling like you are too “X” (insert bitchy, quiet, stubborn, hard on yourself…)

              just envision a life where:

              You have the best relationship you’ve ever had with yourself.

              You have time to do the things you love.

              You no longer feel overwhelmed by patient expectations, scheduling, paperwork and how many patients are on your list.

              You are optimistic, believe your best is enough, and don’t expect everything to be perfect all the time. 

              You confidently delegate tasks that don’t require your expertise and skill so that you make your highest contribution. 

              This is the reality for our clients.

              You’ve got questions? We’ve Got Answers!

              1. How does the 1:1 mentorship and coaching work?

              We’ll have 1:1 time to discuss your personal burnout recovery plan during the live event, mid-way through the mastermind, and at completion of the mastermind. In between, you will have two sessions to use at your discretion if you are experiencing a setback. 

              2. What if I can’t make it to all of the coaching calls?

              We know you likely won’t be able to make it to every call. This is a program for female MDs after all – we know that call commitments, evening clinics, ORs, and child care get in the way from time to time. This is why we record all calls and post them in our portal for you to watch whenever works for you. To ensure your success, I guarantee results if you attend the live event, our 1:1 calls, and 75% of the group calls.

              3. Working the program into my already busy schedule feels daunting. What if I fall behind?

              We promise you there is no behind. The online course is yours for lifetime access as long as the program exists. We suggest you identify the key areas you most want to work on over the 6 months of the program, commit to working on those areas fully, and remember that this is a lifelong journey will with tools you can come back to again and again. 

              4. How will I “make back my investment” in this program?

              You should view this program as an investment in you that will pay dividends for life. The best way to make the most out of your investment is to commit to working toward the results you want to create daily. You cannot put a price on happiness and being present in your life. On waking up in the morning knowing you can handle anything that comes your way. On always having your own back. On seeing like the things that matter most to happen. It is priceless.

              5. Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

              I believe so fully in this program that I offer a money back guarantee. In order to help ensure that you succeed, I guarantee results if you attend the live event, our 1:1 calls, 75% of the group calls and complete the online course work. If, at the end of the six months, you haven’t made progress toward recovering from burnout, I give you 100% of your money back. 

              6. Can I use CME funding or get CME credits for my participation in this program?

              Yes! For those who are eligible for non-certified CME credits (ex. CFPC), completion of this program is worth 60 credits. We will provide you with a certificate if requested. Coaching can typically be claimed as a professional expense and may be eligible for CME funding. For more details, email ana@antifragilefmd.com.

              permanent recovery from burnout takes time.

              here’s why many of my clients return for ongoing mentorship:

              This is my third go round with Ana. I am here because I know my work is not complete! I enjoy Ana’s coaching so much and had no desire for it to end! It was a no brainer to sign up again. It felt very natural! Coaching is my passion and I am following it.”

              Dr. Nicole S., Sports Medicine

              “I realized with the first round that I had just scratched the surface of what coaching can do for me. I am passionate about how life coaching can help me with all of this, and it has helped me come so far from last spring. It’s coming up to the one-year anniversary of when I hit what I previously called my “rock bottom”. I was always looking for the next best thing to soothe my emotions. But now I’ve processed most of this, and worked through a lot of the traumas I have been through, and I am ready to tackle my goal of financial freedom.

              Dr. Marsha K., Family Physician

              “I decided to come back for a second round of coaching because I felt it was important to solidify what I had learned from the Anti Fragile Female MD coaching program. I felt like I had won the life lottery when my daily life turned around after learning the self coaching concepts from Ana! The change is still gradual and I wanted to delve deeper to ensure those skills stayed with me for life.”

              Dr. Melissa S, Anesthesia

              Join the waitlist to get notified when applications open.

              other bonuses of joining the mastermind


              • We start with a virtual LIVE event where you will get to know your peers and learn everything you need to know to start making changes immediately.  
              • I have an advanced certification in deep dive coaching with Bev Aron. This level of immersion is like no other. 
              • All my workshops and trainings are custom designed to meet the needs of each cohort of physicians I coach.
              • This room is intimate: you’ll know all your peers and they will become your support system as you learn this material together.
              • A 24/7 facebook community where you can seek peer support and written coaching.
              • The opportunity to join my alumni group for burnout prevention. 

              i can’t wait to see you inside!

              have MORE questions?