are you looking for a way to get out of medicine

so that you can finally stop feeling burned out?

leaving medicine isn’t the only way. read on to find my top 10
steps to kick-start your recovery from burnout today. 




you’ll want to give this a read if you can relate to this:

You have been putting the needs of others before your own for as long as you can remember and your compassion is finally waning and you resent patients for demanding so much.

You stuff down your heavy emotions, like fear, obligation, anger, and guilt, all day long and then cry in the car after work and blow up at your kids and spouse when you get home.

You find yourself cynical, struggling to care about the same things that initially led you into a career in medicine, and you want to feel like you can make a difference again. 

You feel so overwhelmed even thinking about all the things you have to do this week that you get next to nothing done anymore.

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

The exact recipe I use to help female physicians recover from burnout including…

How to screen yourself for burnout and what to do next.

The best tools to help you find relief from your negative emotions so that you can feel relaxed on your way home from work. 

The motivation you need to delegate tasks, finish your paperwork and billing, and make quicker clinical decisions so you don’t have to spend so many evenings and weekends catching up. 

The clearest ways to establish boundaries with your patients, colleagues and family members that actually work! 

A strategy for ending your time consuming habits of people pleasing and saying yes to everything, so that you can get home from work and do the things you love.

I know what it’s like

I’m Dr. Ana Blake….a rural family physician and a physician life coach. I am also an obstacle course racer, a mom, a wife, a sister….AND a survivor of burnout, a reformed perfectionist, and I have learned how to create a life I love.

In 2019, an acute episode of burnout led me to a mental health crisis that nearly cost me my life. Life coaching took me from this shell of my former self to a thriving female MD. I couldn’t keep all this amazingness to myself, so I started a coaching side business which has quickly grown.  

I designed this guide to share with you the exact steps that I used to recover from burnout. But it isn’t just me anymore! I have used this same process to help more than one hundred female doctors kick-start the process of recovering from burnout.

Now, it’s your turn.

I’ve been helping female doctors find more joy, peace and calm in their clinical day.


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