calling all female doctors!


You are here for a reason.

to overcome BURNOUT, anxiety, overwhelm, perfectionism and impostor syndrome.

don’t waste anymore time hating the career you invested so much into.

My signature, all-in-one, coaching mastermind is Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap. This  program was designed specifically for female physicians and it features the best of all the coaching world offers. If you are ready to achieve massive and rapid growth with the support of a small group of female physicians, then this is the program for you. Clients who complete this program get an exclusive invite to our alumni program to receive ongoing coaching and support in accomplishing their next goals!

Signing up for Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was deeply burned out, disillusioned with medicine, and feeling totally stuck in a career that I had invested so much of myself into. I needed help to find a way forward. The powerful combination of coaching and the structured content in the Mind Trap program allowed me to dig deep into many areas related to my burnout, particularly internal factors like my relentless perfectionism and harsh self-criticism. Ana and her team of amazing coaches have helped me to build awareness of my thoughts and emotions, to create the space to realize I am not defined by them, and to challenge my patterns of thinking from a place of curiosity instead of self-judgement. I am deconstructing many long-held belief systems and rebuilding my relationship with myself in the process. I am finally choosing to live with intention in every area of my life, growing and evolving into the best version of myself, and learning what it really means to own my story. From this place I am stepping forward to live at my highest level of meaningful contribution, trusting that my entire journey has been preparing me for what is next.

Dr. Clare H, Pediatric Endocrinologist

I could not be more glad I followed my gut and signed up for coaching with Ana. I felt there was a time in my life, as a once Indigenous single teen mom who went on to become a doctor, that I believed I was capable of impossible things. Medicine wore me down and took parts of my spirit with it.  With Ana’s help, I have learned that the person who wholeheartedly believes in myself is still inside me. I am showing up as my best self now, working through imposter syndrome and frequent overwhelm with new tools to tackle whatever my mind throws at me. I am living my healthiest life mentally, physically, and spiritually. Even my super frugal husband says the coaching is worth the money, as it’s an investment in yourself that pays dividends over and over again! Whatever you are working through, you won’t regret joining!

Dr. Ellie S., Family Physician

Ana, you were so right! I have more time to do what I want now. I remember when you said that at the beginning. I honestly thought “yeah… right!” Despite not missing a single workshop or coaching call, I save time now by spending less time ruminating, rehearsing, over-prepping and over-thinking. Over the first few weeks, I felt like my vision improved where before I was ‘seeing’ the world through a small hole and now I can see everything around me. I am finding joy in the small things. I know that so much is possible now and that I choose what I want to do. I have had the courage to finally tell others what I want, and not what I think they want me to do. I am no longer dreading going to work, and am finding the ‘wins’ in my day. The biggest thing for me has been my approach to being on call. I am on call right now as I write this. Normally I would be angry and agitated as I waited for my pager to go off for some unreasonable request. I wouldn’t sleep the night before or when I was on call. Now I chose to approach each page with curiosity, and have stopped worrying about what is going to happen. I am actually getting some sleep on call! I feel enthusiastic and optimistic about my life now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dr. CINDY C., Medical Oncologist

Ana’s program has been a life altering experience. Before the program I was struggling with mental and physical exhaustion, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. I am not a person who finds it easy to ask for help.  The coaching model gave me skills to  tackle some of the biggest limiting beliefs that were keeping me in a state of burn out.  It is  a program that teaches you lifelong skills to manage the challenges that face female physicians. It has given me hope and has been incredibly empowering. I am immensely grateful for this experience.  I think every physician could benefit from coaching.  I am mid-career but wish I had learned this skill set so much earlier!  

Dr. Sharla O, Respirologist