WE work with clients in two ways.

Every three months we run an exclusive, all-in-one coaching program called Overcoming the Female MD Mind Trap. This  program was designed specifically for female physicians and it features the best of all the coaching world offers. If you are ready to achieve massive and rapid growth with the support of a small group of female physicians, then this is the program for you. Clients who complete this program get an exclusive invite to an alumni program to receive ongoing coaching and support in accomplishing their next goals!

Ana accepts a very limited number of highly motivated one to one clients who are focused on a long-term goal for six month coaching packages. An application is required and we will meet for one hour to determine if we are a good fit prior to commencing coaching.

This is currently on hold for 2021 due to the pending arrival of the newest (and tiniest!) member of the Anti-Fragile Female MD Family. 

Ana helped me find the painful beliefs that were causing me to eat foods that were horrible for my body. She let me see how much pain I was causing for myself and helped me to walk away from emotional eating and buffering difficult emotions with food. She helped me address the self doubt and limiting beliefs that were keeping me from achieving my weight loss goals. I have now lost a total of 70 lbs and with Ana’s help am bold enough to believe that I will lose 100 lbs by the end of the year!

Dr. Heather C, Emergency Medicine

I could not be more glad I followed my gut and signed up for coaching with Ana. I felt there was a time in my life, as a once Indigenous single teen mom who went on to become a doctor, that I believed I was capable of impossible things. Medicine wore me down and took parts of my spirit with it.  With Ana’s help, I have learned that the person who wholeheartedly believes in myself is still inside me. I am showing up as my best self now, working through imposter syndrome and frequent overwhelm with new tools to tackle whatever my mind throws at me. I am living my healthiest life mentally, physically, and spiritually. Even my super frugal husband says the coaching is worth the money, as it’s an investment in yourself that pays dividends over and over again! Whatever you are working through, you won’t regret joining!

Dr. Ellie S., Family Physician

It has only been a month of having Dr Anastasia Blake as my life coach. Ana understands how the mind of a female MD works and the traps we can get ourselves into. Every coaching session with Ana so far has given me “aha” moments. I feel empowered to lead a positive, fulfilling and productive life using the techniques she’s taught us. I can now better understand my brain. My spouse, my family and those close to me have noticed how much more positive I am. I realize now I am in control and know where I want to be! Truly a game changer!

Dr. Melissa S, Anesthesia

Dr. Anastasia Blake, with The Anti Fragile Female MD, is changing my world. I am taking steps that will literally change my future results. I am becoming what I always wanted to become. This allows anyone to get to the place they want to be. She literally clears the path for you, one step at a time.

Dr. Nicole S., Sports Medicine